Our company has the ability to meet your every need for your advertising through the range of graphic design applications.

We can convert all the clothes we sell to STRANGEL into your own branded clothing, making the clothing a business tool!

You simply give us your company logo, your personal logo or the design you want, and we will embroider or print it in your clothes in sizes and choices you want.


In terms of embroidery, the cost has to do with the size of the signal, the density of the stitches, and how many colors the label has. First we have to take out the embroidery program, which ranges from depending on its complexity. There are, of course, cases where we do not need to run a program and use some existing fonts.


Stamps are of different types, the most common is the silk screen that is the most durable and the vinyl. Here the cost goes beyond the size and quantity of the products we want to print and the quantity of the colors of the logo (logo).

So to tell you a price, if you can not send us your signal, tell us the quantity of pieces you want to put your mark, the colors and the size of the mark and we will, in turn, recommend you what procedure is best for you to follow and what it costs to you.